What would it be like to spend the summers living on Turkish beaches and the winters as a ski guide in the French Alps? Or building a business that flushes you with passive income to fund everything you want to do in life?

Lillie Cawthorn does!

She is the author of The Money Factory – How Any Women Can Make an Extra $30,000 to $100,000 Passive Income.

Lillie shares her incredible journey in this episode. She also teaches you many incredible lessons including:

  • Why she experienced depression, despite their success and what to do about that
  • Why she felt left behind as she became successful
  • The challenges when she was not getting support from her husband
  • How her experiences in life shaped her
  • How she had to overcome culture shock
  • How she managed to work with her family and her husband
  • Fun stories about her life as a ski guide and tourist guide
  • How she started from working in a travel insurance company to a real estate company
  • Their business was successful but she felt that she was no longer having fun
  • The story on how and why she started writing a book
  • The importance of having a gratitude list
  • What she wrote on that day that changed everything
  • The importance of organizing your budget and planning investment goals
  • Some strategies implemented by successful investors
  • How her husband became her biggest supporter
  • What was in her heart when she was writing her book
  • Her formula: Invest 10% Save 10% Give 10% and the rest is for life
  • What happened in her life when she started writing the book
  • How she managed the changes in her life
  • What were her expectations about being a speaker
  • How did she get the speaking gigs
  • How she helps change the lives of women (and men) to achieve financial independence
  • What was her motivation for helping and inspiring other people
  • Secret revealed: Captain and the crew helped her a lot

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