For entrepreneurs, selling is a MUST-have skill!

We’ve brought in an expert to help you sell more effectively. Andreea Mihalcea is the author of Speed Selling: The Fast Track to Double Your Sales without Sacrificing Who You Are.

Andreea’s approach is, “We don’t serve until we sell.”

In this episode, Andreea shared her #1 tool that helps her attract customers and close more deals! We thoroughly discussed about:

  • How she started her successful career
  • The satisfaction she gets from helping people sell better
  • Why people are afraid of the concept of selling
  • Why she hated selling but then ended up writing a book about selling
  • Tips on how to overcome your fear of selling
  • The need to know exactly what you are doing and what you are presenting
  • Using the word ‘presenting’ instead of ‘selling’
  • Understanding what you hope to achieve
  • Being clear in what you are doing
  • The power to sell the future
  • The importance of having enthusiasm in what you are selling
  • How to get people enthusiastic
  • How she gets people to write a book
  • Ways you can use a book as a tool to sell better
  • Why people never perceive an author as a sales person
  • How writing a book is being used as your best business card
  • The importance of following your mentors
  • Understanding networking as part of being a good entrepreneur
  • How entrepreneurs identify new business opportunities

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