One of the conversations I find missing in the entrepreneur space is about retirement. It seemingly NEVER comes up! Why?

Entrepreneurs, like employees, should prepare for retirement.

So, I brought in financial planning expert Charlie Reading.

Charlie not only helps his clients with the financial side of retirement, but also the plan and psychology needed now to prepare.

Charlie is the author of The Dream Retirement.


In This Episode, He Teaches Us:

“The habit is often more important than the amount.”

“You don’t know what you don’t know.”

“Focus on the things that you are best at.”

“Something is better than nothing.”


Also, In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • How entrepreneurs should plan for retirement
  • What does retirement really look like
  • The things you must do to financially prepare for retirement
  • How should your business be set up
  • Happy retirement tips for finances and life after work
  • Why did he decide to write a book
  • The story behind his book
  • The meaning of dream retirement
  • How to prepare and avoid retirement boredom
  • The importance of creating a system on saving money
  • The right approach to save money
  • The importance of creating a dream map of what your life will look like
  • What to do when your budget exceeds your income
  • What to do when you’re earning more than enough
  • What to do even if you are far from retirement
  • Understanding the psychology part; Habit is more important than the amount
  • The right mindset on saving
  • When to decide if you need to hire a financial planner
  • How to delegate the right tasks to the right people
  • How to figure out to know how much money you need to retire happy
  • The best ways to be prepared
  • The best habit other than to save is to revisit your cash flow monthly or annually
  • What steps he can recommend for some people working for years to be ready for retirement
  • Why you need to engineer your business to be ready for the future

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Dream Retirement

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