We are only 3 weeks into 2016. This phrase has been on my mind a lot already this year.

“A lot can happen in a year”

To me, this is a statement of hope. A reminder that with the right focus, effort and determination, you can make a lot of good happen this year.

This statement is also a warning!

Take your health as an example. If for a year you eat terrible foods and never exercise, then your health will significantly diminish.

So if you’re still reading, I’m going to assume that you want to make a lot of good things happen.

Here are 5 tips and actionable steps on how to make a lot of GOOD happen this year:

1) Decide what you want – All too often, I encounter people who have no idea where they want to go in life and what they want to do. They are floating and doing the same things day in and day out. They wonder why they are not happy. Instead, decide what you want to do in life, create a plan to achieve it, then get it work. Trust me, you won’t do any of this right the first time. But, it’ll get you started and you can correct as you go.

ACTION STEP: Define what you want out of life. Be as specific as possible.

2) Create healthy habits – If you do the right habits every day, then over time you are guaranteed to succeed! If you are in sales, create a habit of completing 20 prospecting calls every day. Over time, the law of averages has to work and you’ll close a certain amount of deals. If every day you read 10 pages, you will read 3,650 pages a year which is approximately 18 books!

I’ve created a number of habits to complete each day to ensure my success. These aren’t huge tasks. They are things like saying prayer, reviewing goals, exercise, reading 10 pages, contacting 20 NEW prospects, etc. I track these in an iphone app called Productive. As I complete these throughout the day, I check them off. Most take me less than 3 minutes to complete. Some, a little longer. But, if I do the same right habits for long enough, then my success is almost guaranteed. There are 2 take-aways from this, identify the habits you should do to accomplish what you want, then do them! For a lot more on this, read the book the Slight Edge.

ACTION STEP: Define habits to accomplish the thing you want. Set up a way to track them.

3) Set and achieve a massive goal as quickly as you can – one of my 2016 goals is to get into the best shape of my life. Already I’ve taken great strides towards completing this. I signed up for a Half Marathon (you can read why here) and already have seen great progress towards my goal. Also I’ve noticed, that by being successful towards my fitness goal, I’ve gained momentum in achieving goals in other areas of my life. Accomplishing something major will give you plenty of momentum!

ACTION STEP: Define a big goal to accomplish this year and start working on it.

4) Be grateful – Most of us has success all around us, yet we feel unsuccessful. We’re too caught up in achieving what we want, that we don’t stop to realize how much we’ve already accomplished. Take time to be grateful. Be grateful that you aren’t homeless, that have food & water and are healthy enough to function and contribute to society. Be grateful that you have loved ones around you. Be grateful for the small things. Every day, start and end your day by writing 5 things you are grateful for. Then, when times are tough, go back and read these again.

ACTION STEP: Morning and night, write down 5 things you are grateful for.

5) Get rid of the distractions – Life has a way of being very distracting. Eliminate as many of them as you can. Unplug the TV. That way if you want to watch it, you have to take the extra steps of reaching behind it, bending over and plugging it in. For a long time, I would stay logged out of Facebook. I noticed that to procrastinate getting work done, I would check out Facebook. So, I just logged out of it on my phone and browser. Unsubscribe from video games or movie subscriptions. Pay attention, you have distractions in your life. Eliminate them!

ACTION STEP: Take inventory of your distractions, then take action on limiting them or making them very hard to do.

There you have it! Five steps to help you have a great year. Remember, a lot can happen in a year! So, do all you can to ensure that a lot of GOOD happens this year.

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