Art of Adventure - Scott MorrisonRecently I was interviewed by my friend Derek Loudermilk for the Art of Adventure podcast. We talked about a whole range of topics including family/work balance, sponsorships, success, and so much more. Take a listen at the bottom of this post.

Here are a few of the things you’d learn.

  • Which book can turn your life in a totally new and amazing direction
  • How relationship building skills are the key to business building, along with lots of hustle and drive
  • How to be open to feedback
  • How to track your goals
  • How to leverage your existing audience to grow your business
  • What you need to have when you approach a sponsor – demographic and psychographic information
  • One easy way to get a sponsor: start by being an affiliate for your potential future sponsor. Take initiative ahead of time to prove you can get results for them

Or, you can download the episode in iTunes here: