As you grow your business, you need to hire the right people. In order to do that, you’ll need to establish a culture that attracts talent! In this episode, David Bonney, Founder and CEO of BonneyPerformance shares to us on how to attract and develop ‘A’ player talent.



David teaches us:

“We should all expect to build a team of people that redefine the job description that we’ve created for our roles.”
“You must know your people to grow your people.”
“The core values I search for in new team members are humble, hungry and sharp.”
“It’s who do you need to be, to be able to make it happen.”
“As soon as we know what the impact we are supposed to have in the world, we are far more effective in everything that we are doing.”
“How big do you want to dream and what does that look like.”

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • How to build a winning team
  • Formula for success:
    1. Define what an ‘A’ player means for our business
    2. You need a system to go out and hire those ‘A’ players
    3. Effectively grow an ‘A’ player in a company
  • Redefining the Growth Rate in a Company
  • Empowering Companies to Build a High Performing Team
  • Building a Team of People That You Can Trust
  • Defining your ‘A’ player:
    1. Character Alignment
    2. Commitment
    3. Competency
  • Working with Business Owners
  • Growing Yourself First Before You Can Grow Others
  • Identifying Your Kryptonite
  • To Be Your Great Self
    1. Who Is You and How Can You Be Most Effective
    2. What Do You Want To Create In Your Life?

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