Every speaker or sponsor has one thing on their mind when participating in an event … getting people to come and see them! That is the most important thing they can do to generate business.

My friend Dustin Mathews came up with a brilliant way for sponsors and speakers to have massive exposure at the events they participate in.

Dustin runs a company called Speaking Empire. They train speakers how to Speak Powerfully. Close Authentically. Profit Royally. So, it comes as no surprise to me that he has a very unique and powerful way to help speakers and sponsors at events.

Take 2 minutes now to watch this video. In it, Dustin is on his way to speak at Inside Edge by Angelique Rewers. What he’s doing with social media to generate buzz about is brand at the event is nothing short of brilliant!

So simple, yet so powerful!At events (like pretty much anywhere else), attendees are constantly on their phones. Most are using social media to share content they are learning. So, if you run geo-targeted ads to the event venue, those people are going to see you again, and again, and again! In those ads, give them a reason to come and see you. Here are the ads that Dustin used (shared with his permission)

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Thanks Dustin for the tip!