Here’s a collection of some of the clients & sponsors I’ve worked with.

I first met Scott while investigating a strategic partnership between the company I co-founded, Precision Nutrition, and another leader in the health and fitness space, NPE.
Scott was instrumental in putting the two companies together, establishing common goals, and forging elegant partnership strategies that will help us all thrive in the years to come.
Through that process I learned that Scott is an extremely intelligent, hard-working, strategic, and ethical guy. We had lots of fun working together. And I’d welcome the opportunity to work with him again.
John Berardi

PhD, CSCS, Co-founder and overall Bad Ass! , Precision Nutrition Inc

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WithouAdam Ross Contattat hesitation, I would recommend Scott to any organization that needs to drive revenue and develop strategic client relationships.

Scott is a highly effective sales professional. He generates deep loyalty and respect from his team members and peers. He is a creative problem solver. He knows how to create a sense of fun while driving his way to high levels of achievement.

In Scott’s role at Infusionsoft he produced record breaking results in new client acquisition, and top line revenue. Scott’s leadership and individual efforts resulted in a doubling of year over year revenue.

And although Scott is a highly talented sales professional with a demonstrable track record of success, he is most of all an extraordinary individual of high character. Whether measured by character, competency, or results, Scott Morrison will be a significant contributor to his firm, his clients, his peers and associates, and the communities he serves.

Adam Ross, VP of Sales at WebPT

ScClate Mask Infusionsoftott is a great producer of results. He knows how to work well with people, understands the job to be done and figures out a way to get it done. I’ve enjoyed watching Scott in several roles at Infusionsoft and he has done well in all of them. Plus, he’s just plain fun to work with.

Clate Mask, CEO at Infusionsoft

Sean Greeley“Scott is exceptional when it comes for his passion and commitment to connecting great entrepreneurs and companies with new opportunities for growth. His background in sales, event sponsorship, partnerships, and more all lead to a unique skill set that not only allows him to be exceptional in his work when it comes to business development, but adds tremendous value in leading a team and participating in key growth decisions on the executive team level. I’m honored to work with him and have him on our team.”

Sean Greeley, CEO at NPE

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Colin DaymudeWhile I worked with our largest business partners in the field, I had to hear the good and the bad. Scott always wanted to take a hands on approach and worked with me from the ground up to understand customer needs and issues from the horses mouth.

Scott was an amazing resource in getting to the bottom of customer issues and finding the right solutions to get them fixed. He made my life much easier.

Colin Daymude, National Account Executive at Full Funnel Optimization Partners

Andrew KolikoffI have to tell you, and I am just going to say it straight up… I really love your vibrance, your honestly, your perpetual willingness to make it work and get it right, your intelligence, how nimble you are, and your overall manner.  I am lucky to be connected to you man.

Andrew Kolikoff, Principal at Synergy Sales &; Marketing

JoAnne RavielliI had the great pleasure to work with Scott during my tenure at Infusionsoft. Scott has a unique talent in that he is strong operationally and yet possess’ sales savvy. These inherent strengths have given him opportunities to grow his career with Infusionsoft and would be a great asset to any potential employer. If you are looking for a “get-it-done” guy who can WOW customers and build loyalty, Scott’s your man!

JoAnne Ravielli, VP of Global Customer Service at ECi Software Solutions