Never under estimate the power of an exceptional partnership!

In this episode, we take you behind-the-scenes of a Landmark Global Strategic Partnership and tell you what that means for you!

Black Card Books is the fastest growing small business book publisher. Glazer Kennedy Insider Circle (GKIC) is the preeminent global community of Entrepreneurs. They’ve joined forces to deliver joint solutions designed to produce cutting-edge, market tested, business and marketing mentorship, programs and products that enable small businesses to grow faster than ever before.

We sat down with the CEO’s of both companies. AJ Mirabedini of GKIC and JG Franceour of Black Card Books. They share their secrets of creating an elite level partnership and what this partnership MEANS FOR YOU!

We also talk at length about GKIC’s Info Summit event; which you MUST ATTEND! Click here to learn more about the event.


Together Black Card Books and GKIC are like hand and glove. They compliment the other’s deliverables perfectly. Black Card Books authors will benefit immensely from all the business and marketing teachings, products and events that GKIC has and in return GKIC members now have direct access to the top book-publishing platform in the world, complete with special offerings.







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