How to get followers on InstagramIf you’re reading this page, then I’m going to assume a few things about you.
  1. You’re already on Instagram and want to learn how to get more Instagram followers
  2. You’re not exactly sure how to do this and are looking for any tips and guidance to help you
  3. You’re going to check out my account and see how I’m doing
Let me start by saying this, I am by no means an Instagram Expert. If you’ve checked my account, you’ll see I have a modest amount of followers. However, my account is VERY small compared to many of the Instagram Titans. What I’ll share with you here are tips that have helped me grow to this point, what seems to be working best, and tips I’ve learned from the real experts who grew their accounts much larger!

How to get followers on Instagram

1) Hashtags – I really don’t get the whole hashtag thing and frankly I think they’re kinda stupid. However, they’ve been the biggest factor in gaining followers on Instagram.
These are essentially your keywords …  the words that your target followers will be searching for. When you use a keyword in a post or comment, it will appear in the search for that keyword within Instagram.
Here’s how to use them … Instagram will allow for up to 30 keywords in each post. Once you post something, then add your keywords as a comment, not in the main post. This way you can delete later and then add more keywords. (Still up to 30 total in that post)
I’ll generally post something with my top 10 keywords. Then, a few hours later I’ll add a comment with 5-10 more keywords. A few hours later, I’ll delete the added keywords and then add more. I’ll do this a few times or until Instagram doesn’t allow me to add more to that post.
NOTE: How hashtags work seems to be a moving target. So, don’t be surprised if Instagram changes how keywords work later.
2) Branding / Theme – if you really want to grow your account, then you need a specific brand for it. Just posting pictures of your family and friends or what you’re eating won’t amount to a huge follower base. (unless you’re a Kardashian.)
Instead, be very specific on your branding image. What message do you want to convey? What do you want people to get out of following your account? Why are you using Instagram?
When someone sees your post and is considering following you, they will likely look back at many of your older posts. I know this because I’ll frequently see a few older posts liked by someone, then that person follows me.
So, the overall look of your account is key.
Here are some examples:
My account is all about motivation. I post messages that are motivational for Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Coaches, Speakers, Athletes, and anyone else who wants to me more AWESOME !
@Shonda1020 – Fitness for busy Mom’s
@AgentSteven – Edgy motivational messages.
@amazingcars247 – High res picks of cars
3) Mention Similar Accounts – This may sound like you’re helping out the competition, and frankly you are. But, I’ve found that Instagram is a very open and helpful community. Frequently as I check out my Instagram stream, I’ll see a post that inspires me. I’ll then create my own post, using that post as inspiration. When I post it, I’ll say something like “Inspired by @ACCOUNTNAME”
Nearly always, that person will like my post, comment, follow me and occasionally will do the same in return.
I look at it this way …. the more I give, the more i’ll receive.
Also, most of the time when I do this, individuals who follow the other account will see my post and then follow my account.
4) Consistency – You need to post on a regular basis. It’s a marathon to attract a larger following, not a sprint. I’ve found that posting  at least 1-2 times per day seems to work best.
So there you have it, 4 tips on how to get followers on Instagram.
Bonuses: There are ton of Instagram tools. Here are my favorites:
Canva – a free to use desktop app that is incredible! They have a ton of built in template. This is for you Photoshop dummies out there (me!)
Word Swag – iPhone app to create awesome content. I’m sure there are many great Android apps. Sorry, I don’t know what they are.
Latergramme – Super easy to use tool to schedule posts. I try to always have 2 weeks of content scheduled through Latergramme
IconoSquare – Another FREE tool! This will help you monitor your Instagram Stats
If you’d like to schedule a free call with me about growing your Instagram account, feel free to request one here.
Please comment below. Was this post helpful? What has worked for you?