Here is a great business growth idea I just posted on Facebook for my Business Owner/Entrepreneur friends. It’s a creative [and easy] {and free} way to get customers/clients …

The Florida Citrus Tower is a local landmark in Clermont, FL. They sell memberships to travel to the top of the tower and see all around the Orlando citrus area. It also has a coffee shop, meeting rooms, an arcade, shops & is loaded with local history.

Recently it announced a very public push to sell 400 memberships to fund an epic Christmas light show on the sides of the tower.

➡️➡️ Here’s the idea (that you can also do in your own way) … they partnered with Chick-fil-A to promote this!

Memberships cost just $100, and you get all the benefits of the Citrus Tower. Now, because of their Chick-fil-A partnership, members also get vouchers for 20 (yes 20!) Chick-fil-A sandwich’s (about a $70 value)!!

WIN-WIN: The Citrus Tower sells new memberships and Chick-fil-A gets more customers eating at their store.

In the first few weeks, it’s gone amazingly well with the Citrus Tower selling more than 1/4 of their needed memberships. Wow!

✅ DID YOU KNOW … You can do the same thing with your company regardless of its size and location?

✅ You can partner with other brands who have a similar customer base as you. Together, you can both get new customers.


It’s not that hard to put together and often is more effective than paying for ads

⏩ Who could you do something similar in your biz?

⏩ What other brands would you like to work with?

I’d be happy to help you piece together how specifically to do this for your business. I’ve done a ton of these!

Next week, I’ll host a class sharing how you can set these types of programs up. They’ll work for just about any business.

If you have any questions in the mean time, DM me through Facebook and ask!