If you’re from Australia, you likely giggled at that statement. For my non-Assuie friends, let me bring you up to speed.

The current Prime Minister (President) of Australia and I have the same name .. Scott Morrison

And the same nickname … ScoMo.

He though has a second nickname … #ScottyFromMarketing.

I’m in marketing.

Can you see how this has become a bit confusing??

Over the past few years, my online life has become a bit more interesting becasue of this.

Daily, I receive tweets from people thinking they are tweeting at the PM. Nope, they are just sending these to me.

So much so, that the Australian media has picked up on this.

I even created a little webpage about this … IamScottyFromMarketing.com

Last week, I was apparently discussed on a TV show called The Project on one of Australia’s national networks.

That lead to an interview with an ABC Radio interview on their morning show called Breakfast with Sammy J. 

I think you’ll enjoy listening to this. It was a fun interview! Enjoy!

Sammy J interviews Scott Morrison aka ScoMo aka Scotty from marketing