Next week is the 10th annual ICON event. Each year, Infusionsoft hosts thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners to their user conference. This year, they project 3,000 to attend! If you’ve invested in an ICON Sponsorship, this event is a tremendous opportunity for you to generate new leads, close sales and spread your brand!

I’ve been to eight ICON’s, and have been a part of the event from every angle … Employee of Infusionsoft, contractor selling & servicing sponsors, sponsor working a booth, and regular ole attendee. This event has always been good to me. I haven’t run the numbers, but I’m sure I could attribute a significant amount of revenue I’ve earned back to ICON.

This year will be different. Sadly, I’m not able to attend. I have scheduling conflicts that will keep in in humid Florida instead of dry Arizona.

Even though I can’t be at the event, I still wanted to share a few tips to help the sponsors get the most out to the event. These are a few of the things I’ve learned through the years of working with and being a sponsor at ICON. An ICON Sponsorship can be very valuable to you and these tips will help you get the most out of it!

7 Ways to get the most from your ICON Sponsorship

Showcase how you support Infusionsoft users – I had a call this week with a company who is sponsoring ICON. They are a software company will a killer product that integrates nicely with Infusionsoft. They wanted to figure out how to get the most out of being at ICON.

The key is to show their booth visitors how their product Integrates nicely and enhances a users experience with Infusionsoft. You see, these attendees are there with Infusionsoft on their mind. That’s what their focused on. So, if you want to work with these customers, show them how your product or service will help them improve their business AND help them get the most out of Infusionsoft. Have a video running at your booth, do a demo of your software, or explain in conversations how you can help.

Network with other Sponsors – The Infusionsoft eco-system is a tight-knit community. By and large, they are very friendly, helpful and want to see others succeed. This is a community who will help you win.

So, spend time networking with and getting to know as many of the other sponsors as you can. Likely, you can develop strong joint venture opportunities or at the very least you will gain new alliances. I mention this because I find the Infusionsoft partners and sponsors as some of the best to work with.

The take away … spend time talking with and learning about as many other sponsors as you can. Do this while sessions are running and there is minimal traffic at your booth.

Have an Exclusive Offer for Infusionsoft Users Only – This ties into point number one. Offer something that only Infusionsoft users can get. This makes them feel important and valued as an Infusionsoft user. Again, people at this event have Infusionsoft at the top of their mind. Offer something that ties into this.

Collect Leads – Another huge mistake I see made at events is the sponsor doesn’t have a way to collect contact info from individuals who stop at their booth. You can run a contest, have a giveaway, sign them up to your newsletter, or schedule a consultation. Each of these are tools to allow you to collect their contact information. Regardless of what it is, have a way to collect contact info from everyone who visits your booth.

Pre-Schedule Your Follow Up – Before going to the event, set up a way that you will follow up with the individuals you meet. This is critical! Chances are, after the event you’ll be swamped with work you missed while in Phoenix for a week. So, take the leads you collected, and add them to your follow up campaign. This way your follow up will work for you. I’ve set a number of these up. If you need help, feel free to contact me. Also, I’ve heard about this software that’ll do it for you. It’s called Infusionsoft. You should check it out! 😉

Probably the easiest way to use Infusionsoft for your follow up is to set up their Snap App on your cell phone. Then, take photos of business cards you collect and add them into your Infusionsoft account automatically.

Get Off Your Butt – This is true for anytime you have a booth at an event. While at your booth, don’t sit staring at your laptop or cell phone! Stand up, smile, greet people and be friendly. If you sit and stare at a screen, most people will pass you by. If you’re standing and say hello to people, more will stop to learn about what you do. You’re at this event to generate new leads and sales, not to get caught up on work on your laptop!

Be at Your Booth During ALL Breaks – Breaks are the best time for you to meet attendees. If you do attend a session, leave a few minutes early so you can get back to your booth before the attendees file out of the session. Be at your booth about an hour before the first session each morning. Be at your booth during lunch and dinner breaks. Yes, you are going to put in a lot of hours at your booth, but you made the investment in your ICON sponsorship to meet attendees. Be there to meet as many as you can!

If you’d like, I’d be happy to walk through your specific ICON sponsorship strategy free of charge! Just shoot me a message through this link and we can set up a call quickly!

ICON is a great event. You should be able to capture a TON of leads and many new sales. Enjoy your time there and make it as profitable as you can!

To YOUR Success,

Scott Morrison “ScoMo”

By the way … there are a TON of other great events Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Marketers, and Executives should attend and/or sponsor. I’ve put together a directory of many of these events at

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