Yep, Instagram really works as a sales tool. Although, the sales may not come in a way you’d expect. Let me explain …
I’m a blessed man! I’m married to my best friend, we have amazing kids, everyday I get paid to do work I love, my business is growing and I’m truly making a difference.
In 2015, it’s been a goal to give back in some unique ways. One was by creating an Instagram account called Mr.ScoMo that is loaded with content to inspire and motivate others, especially Entrepreneurs.
Little did I realize that I was also creating a sales tool. Here are a few of the things that have happened because of Mr.ScoMo:
    • I’ve been interviewed on multiple podcasts
    • Dozens of individuals have opted in to my free reports (Maybe even you!)
    • Multiple individuals have purchased sponsorship opportunities from me. This has created thousands of dollars of revenue for me and my clients!
    • I’ve made many new contacts in my industry
    • I’m actively finding gigs for a the speakers I’ve connected with on Instagram
And the strange part is that I don’t openly talk about what I do. Instead I try to be a motivator helping others achieve their goals; regardless of what their goals are. But by being me, I’ve been able to attract new business. How cool is that!
This is all on top of my original purpose which was to motivate and inspire others. Plenty of that has happened as well! A few times a week someone reaches out to me thanking me for the account or asking for some help, guidance, or direction. It may be just one Instagram account, but it is making a difference in the lives of some.
So, here are my invitations for you:
  • Follow my account at @Mr.ScoMo
  • Share it with someone else who may be inspired by it’s content
  • Get active on Instagram. Share images of what you do or create pictures with a quote laying over the top
  • Engage with your followers and others in the Instagram community.
If you are on Instagram, let me know. I’ll be happy to plug your account from mine!
To YOUR success,
{ScoMo} Scott Morrison