What do you do to invest in yourself? Are you too busy doing your job, taking care of the family, and running errands that you aren’t investing in yourself?

These are all worthwhile things. But, investing in yourself is perhaps the most important thing you can do. Here are 5 investments you can make in yourself to lead you to more success and happiness!

Attend an Event, Class or Seminar – One of the best ways to invest in yourself is by attending events. If you have a business or brand, then check out the events page of this website for many of the upcoming events you should attend. Other great workshops to attend are anything by Tony Robbins or the Landmark Forum. The 2016 “Event Season” is almost here. Have you planned what events you are going to? If not, do it now at www.BrandBuildingEvents.com.

Exercise – Every day, move! Get up and do something. This will make you more productive and will help you feel better. Exercise is one of the greatest factors which will determine how long and how well you live. And of course include exercises close cousin of nutrition! Eat good foods. Stay away from the crap that won’t help you. Remember, you are what you eat!

Practice healthy daily habits – If you follow the right habits for long enough, you are essentially assured success! Too often though, we don’t stick with a good habit for long enough to see major successes. Every day do things like read, pray, exercise, meditate, call new prospects, reach out to a friend, etc. For tips, check out the books the Slight Edge and the Morning Miracle here.

Read – Did you know that if you read 10 pages a day, you would read about 18 books each year?!? Imagine what you would learn! Imagine how much you could improve! I’m yet to read or learn about a successful person who didn’t say that reading helped them get to where they are. Make this one of your daily habits.

Invest in how you look – When you look good, you’ll feel better. Invest in a wardrobe. Get a good hair cut and style. Be clean and polished. I’m no talking about vanity here. This isn’t for anyone else. Rather, this is for you to look and feel your best. When you look your best, you can perform your best.

Don’t be so busy taking care of ‘things’ that you don’t take time for yourself. Instead, invest the appropriate amount of time into you! That way you be do more for others.