Make 2015 Your Best Year Yet!So let me get straight to the point. This post is all about Goal Setting! I’m a huge goal setting. Once I started to really set and work towards goals in my life, everything got better!

With today being the first day of 2015, I’m going to guess that many of you are setting New Years Resolutions. Awesome!

Here are 7 Steps to help you make 2015 your best year yet!

1) Make your goals SMARTER

You’ve likely heard the acronym for SMART which stands for

S – Specific (Be Very Clear on what you want to accomplish)

M – Measurable (It needs to be something you can measure)

A – Actionable (Be in Actions. Start your goal with an action verb)

R – Realistic (Push yourself, but also ensure it’s something you can accomplish)

T – Time-bound (Set a deadline)

I learned while taking Michael Hyatt’s Five Days to your Best Year Ever course the E & the R of this acronym

E – Exciting (This has to get your juices flowing!)

R – Relevant (Be sure it fits into what’s important to you in your life)

 Be sure your goals meet all of these criteria.


2) Be complete with your past

You’ll never be able to accomplish your goals if you’re still holding on to your issues from the past.

Nothing will sabotage your goals more than uncompleted business. Your internal self talk may convince you that you can’t achieve your goal or aren’t worthy to do so.

Stop it!

Get complete with unfinished business. Is there something you know you need to say to someone else so you’ll feel better? Is there a project you haven’t completed yet? Whatever it is, now is the time to get complete!

3) Write down your goals

You’d be shocked at how many people don’t write down their goals. Writing down your goals cements them in your conscience. You now have real intention to accomplish the goal. It’s also a point of reference to remind yourself of what you set.

I have a good friend who tells me he has a new goal every time I see him. However, he rarely accomplishes any. Why? Because he never writes them now and he’s never focused on accomplishing them.

Writing down your goals will help you be focused on doing the work necessary to accomplish them.


4) Identify your why

This is perhaps the most powerful step. Setting goals are important, but being clear on why you set that goal is perhaps even more important.

At some point while working towards a goal, you’re going to hit what @MichaelHyatt calls the “Messy Middle.” This is where you are far away from achieving your goal and may be questioning if its still a worthwhile endeavor. You’ll need to refer back to why you set this goal to begin with.

I refer to my why’s every week when reviewing my goals. This keeps me focused and driven to accomplishing my goals. Remember: The Why is the reason to accomplish the goal!


5) Review your goals regularly

This is the perhaps the most powerful step to help you in accomplishing your goal. Don’t count on your memory here. Instead, review your goals on a regular basis.

At the very least, review your goals each week. Schedule a good 30 minutes or so where you can review each goal, measure your progress towards it, then plan and schedule next actions.

If you don’t do this, then at the end of the year, you won’t have accomplished what you set out to do. Review on a regular basis.


6) Immediately take action

Once you’ve set a new goal, immediately take action on it. This doesn’t have to be a major step, but at least do something.

If you’re goal is to read a certain amount of books this year, then read your first chapter.

If you’re goal is to lose a certain amount of pounds, then schedule you’re workouts for the coming month.

You get the point. Get in action immediately! Do something!


7) Set a push goal

I give credit to Chalene Johnson & Michael Hyatt for teaching me this one!

When you create a set of goals, determine one that is your ‘push’ goal. A push goal is the one goal on your list that if achieved would make all or most of the other goals possible or easier to achieve.

So determine which one of your push goal, then focus your attention here.