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Creating a Landmark Global Strategic Partnership with the CEOs of Black Card Books & GKIC – #046

Never under estimate the power of an exceptional partnership! In this episode, we take you behind-the-scenes of a Landmark Global Strategic Partnership and tell you what that means for you! Black Card Books is the fastest growing small business book publisher. Glazer...
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Character, Integrity and Accountability with Renee Lopez – #045

What does it take to be a world class athlete, then a NCAA College coach, AND run a successful Business? Well, there are a few principles you need to live you. Things like ... Integrity is doing the right thing, especially when no one is watching. “Be with people a...
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A Novel Way To Build Your Business Online With Jake Nicolle – #044

Making passive income online is the dream for many. But how do you do it? We brought in Jake Nicolle of 180Drums to teach you how! Things You'll Learn: The 80/20 principle How to be comfortable in speaking in front of people How to advertise in different countries...
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#026: How to Thrive, Not Just Survive with Nikki Arnold

We all want to thrive. For entrepreneurs, getting by isn't good enough. But how do you do it? How do you fly past the just-get-by stage and exist in the thriving stage? Nikki Arnold, author of PositiviThink: How to Thrive, Not Just Survive, will teach you just that!...

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#025: Public Speaking Done Right with Dustin Mathews

Perhaps some of the most most frequently asked questions we receive from Black Card Books authors is, how can I book speaking gigs? How can I make money from speaking? In this episode, we answer those questions and so many more. Dustin Mathews is the co-founder and...

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#024: How to Establish Expert Credibility

The 5 (+1) Ways to Establish Expert Credibility Write a Book - Far & away the BEST way to establish yourself as an expert. If you'd like to learn how, attend a Publish a Book & Grow Rich Bootcamp! Public Speaking Work with key Influencers Host your own events...

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#023: Your Guide to Sponsoring Events

Download the Sponsorship Calculator from this episode at: What You'll Learn In This Episode If Sponsoring Events Is Right For You How To Evaluate If You Should Sponsor A Specific Event How to Negotiate a Sponsorship Contract...

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#022: Creating Authentic Relationships with David Gonzalez

In this episode we're joined by Super Connector David Gonzalez! David is the Founder of Simply the Coolest which is an Affiliate Management Agency and the founder of the Internet Marketing Party. He's genuine, smart, and full of great ways to Multiply Your Business!...

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#021: Living an Ambitious Life with Greg Rollett

This episode's guest is one of the smartest marketers I know. His name is Greg Rollett and he's the founder of Greg has been featured in Mashable, Fast Company,, the Huffington Post, AMEX’s Open Forum, among others. Oh, and he has an Emmy...

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#019: How To Build An Audience

Download this episodes worksheet at: What You'll Learn In This Episode How to build an audience - that converts into real customers! The 4 KEY assets you MUST build in order to have a following. How to 'Put Yourself Out...

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#018: Setting Goals For Your Best Year Ever

It's that time of year, New Years Resolutions! Goals! Are you setting goals? If you're a listener to this podcast, I'm going to guess YES! Listen, goals are vital for your success. But, what's the point of setting a goal if  you aren't going to accomplish it? In...

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#017: Keep Moving Forward

For this episode, we're using a new format called SHORTS! Short messages designed to make a big impact. You're each at a different point in building your business and working on your goals. Regardless of where you are ... Keep Moving Forward If you keep moving, keep...

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