JG Francoeur is one of the smartest #business people I know.

This is one of those interviews that could have gone on for hours. He has such a #wealth of knowledge and is so generous with sharing it. JG has spent his entire career building companies and helping others be #successful.

JG Francoeur is the CEO of Black Card Books, a global revolutionary publishing firm that has published over 1,000 authors in the last 25 years.

JG will talk about tool that will help your business and will help your life.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • How to Live for Productivity
  • The Simple Path to Productivity
  • JG’s Productivity Planner
  • How Productivity Planner Works
  • What are the Important Items
  • The Success Habit
  • Goal setting – Top Component
  • How to Set Your Goals
  • Willpower Is Always on Will-Call
  • Revenue generating activity – 80%
  • Impact generating activity – 20%
  • Two things to remember:
    1. Set the intention with a goal
    2. Focus on revenue-generating 80% of the time
  • The Importance of Single Tasking and Focusing on The One Thing
  • Review component is the last component
  • It helps you reflect; success or failure of the day
  • People don’t do it because it’s easy

Mentioned in podcast:

Michael Phelps, The Olympic Swimmer  (Two-day practices)

The ONE Thing by Gary Keller

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