I live about 25 minutes from Disney World in Orlando, FL. We’re close enough that each night at 10pm we can hear the fireworks from the Magic Kingdom exploding in the distance.

We moved here in mid-2013 from Arizona. My 3 older kids are good negotiators (wonder where they got that from), so before they agreed to moved to Florida, I had to promise to buy them Disney Season passes. A few weeks after arriving here in Orlando, we bought the passes and used them 23 times in the first year! IT – WAS – AWESOME!

In all of the Disney theme parks, when they have a section where they are doing construction, they set up a “Dream Builders” sign to help make the area look clean and presentable despite the construction. On each of these is a Walt Disney Quote for Entrepreneurs. Okay, they don’t call them that, but that’s what I consider them to be. Over time, I’ve counted a dozen or so different signs.

One night while at downtown Disney with my 3 older kids, we took pictures of every sign we saw. There were a bunch.

Below are pictures we took. (please forgive the quality of many of the pictures. My 7 year old was snapping many of the pics)

I hope you find these as inspirational as I do. Walt Disney was truly a visionary man. He’s created an incredible legacy and these quotes I imagine give just a glimpse of who he was. I hope they help you along your journey in life!

(Oh … and notice how they’re sponsored by Stanley. See, you can with a little creativity you can find sponsors for a TON of things in your business.) If you need some ideas, download this report here.

Walt Disney Quotes for Entrepreneurs

Walt Disney - There's enough land here Walt Disney - Get a Good Idea Walt Disney - Everyone needs deadlines
Walt Disney - You don't build it for yourself Walt Disney - Togetherness Walt Disney - My wish to delight
Walt Disney - You can dream Walt Disney - I've wanted to do things Walt Disney - Times and conditions change
Walt Disney - I don't want the public Walt Disney - Most of my life

One other thing. I encourage you to take a trip to a Disney Theme park. They are an incredible experience. If you happen to visit any of the DisneyWorld parks, let me know! I’d love to meet up with you and show you around to some of my favorite spots!