What if you could go to a place where you were surrounded by people who are your ideal customer?networkingeventprepare

Most businesses are busy looking for the one-off sale. Meaning, they identify a prospect and attempt to sell their product/service to them.
Instead of only looking for individuals to sell to, you should also find places where your customers are already hanging out.
How much easier would it be to get new clients?

These places could be anywhere. Social Media sites, online groups or forums, networking events and trade shows.
Do you know where your clients are hanging out?
At live events, you can network your way through the audience or you may be able to speak in front of the whole group. Speaking comes in many shapes & sizes including:
    • Main Stage Keynote
    • Breakout Session
    • Hosting a Luncheon
    • Being a Panelist
Every time you speak, you’re making an impression on your prospects. They are learning about you and your company. They are learning how you can help them.
If you sponsor the event, you’ll likely have a booth or tabletop where attendees can meet with you one on one. This again is a great way to generate new leads and make sales.
Do you have events schedule to attend,
speak at and sponsor for the remainder of 2015? 
If not, I’d be happy to help you out!
To YOUR success,
Scott Morrison